I am currently 49 years old, married to the man of my dreams and the biological mom of 3 and bonus mom of 2 wonderful kids.  My kids range in age from 25 to 4. Yes, that is a HUGE age difference. When I found out that I was pregnant with my third child, I was 44 years old and preparing with my new husband to be “empty nesters” in a few short years. As it stands now, we will never reach that milestone!

Having a baby in your 40’s comes with many challenges that you don’t typically have in your 20’s or 30’s. There are physical, emotional, and generational challanges. Combine that with the challange of having a blended family of teenagers/20 somethings and you have the makings of a very interesting story.

This is my life as a mom. A mom with kids in all phases of life. No one can say my life is dull. Every day is different and I’m grateful for every moment God has given me with my husband and my 5 amazing kids.

I hope you enjoy my story, have a few laughs and maybe learn some things about enjoying God’s plan for your life, even when you don’t understand it.